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Last updated : Nov 2009
Western Australia General Info
Western Australia General Information - TravelPuppy.com

2,529,880 square kilometres (976,787 square miles).


1,883,900 people (the official estimate for 2000).

Population Density

0.7 people per square kilometres.



Population of Perth

1,381,100 people (the official estimate for 2000).


Western Australia covers 1 3rd of Australia, it is larger than Western Europe, but has a population only 1 6th that of London. It is bordered in the east by South Australia and the Northern Territory and in the west by the Indian Ocean, and the Timor Sea is to the north.

The west coast is nearer to Bali and Indonesia than to Sydney, making Perth a practicable stopover destination en route to the rest of Australia. To the south, the nearest land mass is Antarctica, 2600 kilometres (1600 miles) away.

It has mineral wealth in bauxite, iron, nickel, natural gas, oil, diamonds and gold. There are vast wheatlands, forests and deserts, and numerous national parks. A popular resort is Rottnest Island, there are also many brilliant mainland beaches, particularly around Perth.

Kimberley, in the far north, is 1 of the oldest geological areas on earth, a region where time and weather have formed deep gorges and impressive mountains, arid red plains and coastal sandstone rich in fossils.

In the north west there are 2 notable features, Wolf Creek Crater, an immense hole left in the desert by a giant meteorite 50,000 years ago, and the Bungle Bungles, an ancient sandstone massif covering 3000 square kilometres (1160 square miles). South east of Perth, near Hyden, there is the 2700 million year old Wave Rock.

Time one

Greenwich Mean Time + 8.
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