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Last updated : Nov 2009
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Austria’s youngest Federal Province in the easternmost part of the country is also a popular tourist destination. The wooded hills in the south of the region form the foothills of the Austrian Alps. The northeast largely consists of expanses of the Central European Plain. The mild climate is especially well suited for the cultivation of wine.


The Esterhazy Palace, the Cathedral and the composer Haydn’s house and now a museum, as well as the Burgenländische Museum, the Berg and the Franciscan churches are also well worth a visit. A thoughtful atmosphere lies over the Jewish Cemetery and the area of the former Jewish Ghetto.


The Neusiedler-Seewinkle National Park was Austria’s first World Conservation Union approved national park, situated in the area where the Austrian Alps meet the Euro-Asiatic (pannonishe) Plains. Neusiedl am See’s Local History Museum is attractive, and Mörbisch, on Neusiedl Lake, hosts an important annual operetta festival. Raiding is the birthplace of Franz Liszt. Passion plays are staged every five years in St Margarethen. Bad Tatzmannsdorf is one of Austria’s important spa centres. Storks return each year to nest in the chimneys at the wine-making centre of Rust.