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Austria General Info
Austria General Information - TravelPuppy.com
Capital: Vienna (Wien).

Area: 83,858 sq km (32,378 sq miles).

Population of Austria: 8,169,929 (official estimate 2002)

Population of Vienna (Wien): 1,608,144 (official estimate 1999)

Population Density:
97.4 per sq km.

Geography: Austria is a landlocked country, bordered by Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Hungary and Italy. A mountainous country, nearly half of which is covered with forests. Austria’s 9 Federal Provinces form a political entity, but reflect a diversity of landscapes falling into 5 sections:

The Eastern Alps (62.8 per cent)
The Alpine and Carpathian Foothills (11.3 per cent)
The Pannonian Lowlands (11.3 per cent)
The Vienna Basin (4.4 per cent)
The Granite and Gneiss Highlands or Bohemian Massif (10.1 per cent)

Austria’s highest mountain is Grossglockner (3798m/12,465ft). On its way from the Black Forest in southern Germany to the Black Sea, the River Danube flows approximately 360km (220 miles) through Austria. The vegetation changes according to the climate with the lower regions being densely wooded, with fir predominating above 1600ft and giving way to larch and stone-pine beyond 4000ft, the Alpine foothills consist predominantly of arable land and grassland (above 2000ft). The Pannonian region is characterised by scrub and heathland.

Government: Federal Republic.

Head of State: President Heinz Fischer since 2004.

Head of Government: Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel since 2000.

Language: German is the official language. Regional dialects are pronounced and within the different regions of the country one will encounter marked variations from Hochdeutsch, ie ‘standard’ German. There are Croatian and Slovene-speaking minorities in the Burgenland and southern Carinthia respectively.

Religion: 78 per cent Roman Catholic, 5 per cent Protestant, 4.5 per cent other denominations.

Time: GMT + 1 (GMT from last Sunday in March to Saturday before last Sunday in October).

Electricity : 220 volts AC, 50Hz. Round two-pin European plugs are standard
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