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Austria Getting There - International Travel
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Austria has 3 national airlines, all of which are part of the Austrian Airlines Group: Austrian Airlines (OS), Lauda Air (NG) and Tyrolean Airways (VO). British Airways offer frequent services to various destinations in Austria, as do low-cost airlines such as Flybe and Ryanair.

Approximate flight times:

From Innsbruck to London is 2 hours
Salzburg to London is 1 hour 50 minutes
Vienna to London is 2 hours 10 minutes
Los Angeles is 15 hours
New York is 9 hours
Singapore is 14 hours
Sydney is 25 hours.

International airports

Vienna (VIE) (Wien-Schwechat)

Located 18km (11 miles) south-east of the city.

Airport facilities

Duty-free shops, banks, bureaux de change, post office, restaurants, cafes, left luggage, medical facilities, conference facilities, tourist information, car hire, car park and nursery.

Airport buses run between the airport and the city centre every 20 minutes, 24 hours a day, travel time is approximately 20 minutes, and between the airport and two stations, Vienna Südbahnhof and Vienna Westbahnhof, approximately every hour (0530-0010 hrs travel time - 25 and 35 minutes respectively).

Rail service is available at frequent intervals (from 0500-2258 hrs) to and from two other stations, Vienna Mitte and Vienna Nordbahnhof, travel time is 32 minutes. Local rail (S-Bahn) services also run to the Vienna railway stations of Südbahnhof, travel time is approximately 20 minutes, and Nordbahnhof, travel time approximately 35 minutes.

The City Airport Train travels express from the City Airport Terminal located at Vienna Mitte, travel time of 16 minutes.

Taxis are available to the city and can be found north of the Arrivals Hall, costing approximately €25-30. A chaffeur-driven car service is also available from the Arrivals Hall.

Buses also run to Budapest 4 times a day and journey time is 3 hours 30 minutes and Bratislava (Slovak Republic) about 7 times a day journey time 1hour 10 minutes.

Innsbruck (INN) (Kranebitten)

Website: www.innsbruck-airport.com) Located 5.5km (3.5 miles) west of the city.

Airport facilities

Duty free shopping, currency exchange, restaurant, medical facilities and car hire.

Bus services are available every 20-30 minutes to the city centre with a journey time of twenty minutes. Taxi services are also available.

Salzburg (SZG) (Maxglan)

Website: www.salzburg-airport.com) Located 4km (2.5 miles) west of the city.

Airport facilities

Duty-free shopping, currency exchange, post office, restaurants and snack bars, bar, left luggage, conference rooms and car hire.

Bus no. 2 departs to the Hauptbahnhof (main railway station) in the city centre every 15 minutes on weekdays and every 30 minutes at the weekend journey time 20 minutes. It is also possible to go by train journey time 15-20 minutes.

Taxis are available from the front of the main building for approximately €13.08 journey time 15 minutes. Some hotels have courtesy coaches.

Klagenfurt (KLU) (Wörther See)

Website: www.klagenfurt-airport.at). Located 4km (2.5 miles) from the city.

Airport facilities

Duty-free shop, bar and car hire.

Bus and taxi services are available

Linz (LNZ)

Website: www.linz-airport.at. Located 10km (6 miles) from the city.

Airport facilities

Duty-free shop, bar, bank and car hire.

Taxi and bus services are available.

Graz (GRZ)

Website: www.flughafen-graz.at) Located 10km (6 miles) from the city.

Airport facilities include a bar, restaurant, bank and car hire.

Taxis are available to the city journey time is 20 minutes. Buses depart about 16 times a day and there are frequent train services.

Note: Airports have fixed charges for portering.

Departure tax: None.


Car ferry

There are regular ferry services across the English Channel. The quickest and most practical route from London to Vienna is via the Dover-Ostend ferry (crossing time – 3 hours 30 minutes) and the distance by road is approximately 1600km (1000 miles). It is a one day’s drive in summer, but can take longer during the winter. Munich is 4 to 5 hours from Vienna and Milan and Zurich are a good day’s drive.

DDSG-Blue Danube Schiffahrt operates a passenger service on the Danube from Germany (Passau) to Vienna. For information and reservations, contact them at Friedrichstrasse 7, A-1010 Vienna (telephone number: (1) 588 800, fax number: (1) 588 8440, e-mail: info@ddsg-blue-danube.at, website: www.ddsg-blue-danube.at).

The German operator Wurm und Köck offers both passenger services and cruises to Linz. Overnight cruise packages from Passau to Linz include hotel accommodation for only slightly more than the regular one-way passenger fare. Evening and music cruises are available during the summer. For further information, contact Wurm und Köck, Untere Donaulände, 4020 Linz (telephone number: (732) 783 607, fax number: (732) 783 60720, e-mail: info@donauschiffahrt.at, website: www.donauschiffahrt.at).

DDSG-Blue Danube Schiffahrt also operates a hydrofoil service from the Praterlande hydrofoil dock in Vienna to Budapest,Hungaryjourney time 6 hours.

operates services between Linz and Germany (Krems) (telephone number: (7479) 64640, fax number: (7479) 646 510, e-mail: dsa@pgv.at; website: www.tiscover.com/donauschiffahrt).

Brandner concentrates its services between Melk and Krems. For further information, contact Brandner at Ufer 50, A-3313 Wallsee (telephone number: (7433) 259 021, fax number: (7433) 259 025, e-mail: schiffahrt@brandner.at; website: www.ms-austria.at).

A regular hydrofoil service also runs 3 times daily during the summer months from Vienna to the Slovak Republic (Bratislava) journey time is one-and-a-half hours. International rail tickets are valid on Danube river boats.

More information on the above services, and connections to Serbia and Montenegro (Belgrade), Turkey (Istanbul) and Ukraine (Yalta), can be obtained from the Austrian National Tourist Office


Österreichische Bundesbahnen (ÖBB) (Austrian Federal Railways) operates a wide network of trains throughout and beyond Austria.

International connections from Vienna include trains to Germany (Berlin), to the Russian Federation (Moscow, via Warsaw/Kiev and Minsk), to Romania (Bucharest, via Budapest), to Greece (Athens) or Turkey (Istanbul, via Belgrade) and to Italy (Venice, Milan or Rome).

The most common routes are from Brussels or Paris (Eurostar connection from London) to Vienna (see Channel Tunnel, below, for further details). For further details contact Österreichische Bundesbahnen, Elisabethstraße 9, A-1010 Wien (telephone number: (1) 930 000, fax number(1) 25000, e-mail: wien.ticketline@pv.oebb.at, website: www.oebb.at).

Rail Passes

The Euro and Eurail passes are available to non-European residents and must be bought outside Europe.

The Euro pass is valid for travel over practically the whole of the European rail network, while the Eurail pass has more limited validity The Interail pass is available to European residents. Prices vary according to age, zones covered, time period, flexibility and class of travel. For more information, contact Rail Europe (telephone number: (08705) 848 848, website: www.raileurope.co.uk).

The Channel Tunnel

The quickest route by train from the UK is through the channel tunnel with connections from Brussels or Paris to Austria.

Eurostar operates direct high-speed trains through the channel tunnel from London (Waterloo International) to Paris (Gare du Nord) journey time is 3 hours and to Brussels (Midi/Zuid) journey time 2 hours 40 minutes.

From Brussels there is a morning train to Vienna leaving at 0828 hrs , journey time is approximately 13 hours and a night train leaving at 1910 hrs takes approximately 14 hours.

From Paris (Gare de l’Est) there are 2 trains to Vienna, one at 0749 hrs and another at 1717 hrs, journey time 14 hours 45 minutes).

For further information and reservations contact Eurostar (telephone number: 0870 6000 792 (travel agents) or 08705 186 186 (public) or 1233 617 575 (public outside the UK), website: www.eurostar.com), or Rail Europe (telephone number: 08705 848 848). Travel agents can obtain refunds for unused tickets from Eurostar Trade Refunds, 2nd Floor, Kent House, 81 Station Road, Ashford, Kent TN23 1PD. Complaints and comments may be sent to Eurostar Customer Relations, Eurostar House, Waterloo Station, London SE1 8SE. General enquiries and information requests must be made by telephone.


There are numerous and excellent road links with all neighbouring countries. For information on traffic regulations and required documentation, see the Travel - Internal section.


Coaches run regularly to a large number of European destinations.

Eurolines, departing from Victoria Coach Station in London, serves destinations in Austria. For further information, contact Eurolines (telephone number: (08705) 143 219, e-mail@ welcome@eurolines.co.uk, website: www.eurolines.com.uk).

Some tour operators offer package holidays to Austria by coach from the UK. A full list is available from the Austrian National Tourist Office (see Contact section).

The Channel Tunnel Eurotunnel operates trains 24 hours per day through the Channel Tunnel between Folkestone in Kent (with direct access from the M20) and Calais in France. All vehicles from motorcycles to campers can be accommodated. Eurotunnel operates 3 to 4 passenger trains per hour at peak times. The journey takes approximately 35 minutes. For further information see France, Travel - International section or contact Eurotunnel Reservations (telephone number: (08705) 353 535, e-mail: callcentre@eurotunnel.com; website: www.eurotunnel.co.uk).
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