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Salzburg, Austria 30 Aug 2002
Rating: (3.5) (210 Votes)

Salzburg, Austria
August 30 2002

Pros: Friendly and safe
Cons: none

Was not planning to stop in Salzberg until 5 mins before the train pulled in. I jumped off and called the hostel to see if they had room for me, and as luck would have it, they did. So Salzberg it is. And I am so glad. It is so clean and cozy here. I got a wonderful safe feeling (which I havent had in a while) as I headed into town to find my hostel. It wasnt far from the train station and the walk there just reinforced what a great decision it was to stop in this Mozart obessed town. He was born here and they are very proud of this claim to fame, sporting chocolates (and almost every other form of trinket) in his likeness. I have heard the chocolate is tasty and I am sure I will have to try some before I leave, which won't be anytime soon. The hostel, YoHo, is very clean and friendly. In my dorm room, I met some wonderful girls, even Karla from Calgary! We instantly hit it off, having the same province in common and all, and we headed down to the hostel bar. We ordered a huge spagetti dinner with all you can eat salad for only 5.50 euro. I was stuffed. Then we all ventured out the the bar scene where I consumed a beer flavored with tequila (I am not sure who likes the "flavor" of tequila but I had to try it) and watched the parade of beautiful people milling about. After some effort, I finished the beer and we headed back to the hostel, but not before a few in our group had to stop and buy post-bar frankferters and hotdogs (I am determined to find out the difference between the two while I am here).

After a oh so wonderful sleep on a REAL bed, I awoke to a beautiful sunny day. Perfect for wandering around Salzberg and admiring the great care they take in preparing their shop windows, trying to sell you the most wonderful of goods, which many of include meats of all shapes and sizes. Maybe I will even eat a Mozart today.