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Last updated : Nov 2009
Powerful Experience
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Vienna, Austria,
March 28, 2004

Pros: Vienna is very clean!
Cons: none

Guten Tag!!!

How u doin?? I am well. Here is my latest experience from Austria.
Imagine this - in the early 1940´s you have been captured by the NAZIS. They take everything you have, your watch, your wallet, your clothes and they shave your head. For good measure they lay a couple of boots into you. They throw you into a truck full of people just like you and drive you to a place deep in the centre of Austria. You are pushed out of the transport and harrassed into single file. You look up and you have arrived ... the place is imposing, 3m high stone walls with rows of electrified barbed wire projecting from the top. The large, heavy wooden gate opens - welcome to Adolf Hitler´s MAUTHAUSEN concentration camp.

Walking into this place I was overcome by some powerful emotions - goosebumps, heart thumping, and a sensation of terror. The feeling was uneasy as I could feel the pain inflicted within these walls. After walking into the gas chambers and seeing the how people were treated here I have a lot of respect and a better appreciation for their sufferring.

On a lighter note, I spent two nights in Vienna, I really like this city. Not nearly as busy as Rome or Paris it has lots of it own character. At one stage in the Austrian Empire in the 1800´s the peak of the empire stretched from Spain to the Netherelands. With all this wealth they built a massive palace and monuments which are still standing today, Vienna is very clean- it almost has an adelaide feel to it, having everything you need without the overcrowding and the pollution. OH yeah, I went out clubbing on Staurday night and give the chicks a big thumbs up!!!

Ok, take care and lots of love to all.