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Bahamas Visa - Passport
Bahamas Visa and Passport Information - TravelPuppy.com
  Passport Required? Visa Required? Return Ticket Required?
British Yes No / (C) Yes
Australian Yes No / (E) Yes
Canadian A No / (E) Yes
USA B No / (D) Yes
Other EU Yes (C) Yes
Japanese Yes (F) Yes

Passport valid for at least 6 months from date of departure from The Bahamas required by all except:
    (A) Nationals of Canada, if holding a birth certificate.
  (B) Nationals of the United States of America. However,    conditions vary and nationals may need to enquire what specific    documents need to be submitted.

Tourist visas are required by all except the following:
    (C) Nationals of EU countries for stays of up to 3 months (8    months for nationals of Greece, Belgium, Denmark, Italy,    Luxembourg, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom), except    nationals of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia,    Lithuania, Poland, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia who will    need a visa.

  (D) Nationals of Liechtenstein, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, San    Marino, Switzerland, Turkey and the United States of America for    stays of up to 8 months.

  (E) Nationals of Commonwealth countries for stays of up to 8    months, except nationals of the Gambia who can stay for 3    months, and nationals of Cameroon, Brunei, Ghana, India,    Mozambique, Nigeria and Pakistan who will need a visa.

  (F) Nationals of Japan, Chile, Israel, Korea (Republic), Mexico,    Martinique, Norfolk Islands and Uruguay for stays of up to 3    months.

  Nationals of Brazil, Paraguay, Ecuador, Panama, Argentina,    Bolivia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru and    Venezuela for stays of up to 14 days.

  Nationals of Dutch, French, Portuguese and Ecuadorean    overseas territories, and of Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Cook    Islands, Gibraltar, Curaçao, Turks & Caicos, Hong Kong (SAR),    Macau (Portuguese passport), Monaco, St Martaan, Tahiti,    Vatican City and Zimbabwe (who are advised to contact the    Consulate to find out the maximum length of visit without a    visa).

  Transit passengers continuing their journey by the same or next    connecting aircraft within 3 days, provided holding confirmed    onward documentation and passport.

Nationals of the Dominican Republic and Haiti and will need a visa when in transit.

The cost of different types of visa

Tourist Single Entry: £15

Tourist Multiple Entry 3 to 6 months: £20

Tourist Multiple Entry 6 to 12 months: £30

(Payable by cash or cheque with a valid cheque guarantee card).

Conversions for the cost of visas:

£ 10 : US $18
£ 20 : US $36
£ 30 : US $55
£ 40 : US $73
£ 50 : US $91
£ 60 : US $109
£ 70 : US $127
£ 80 : US $146
£ 90 : US $164
£ 100 : US $182
£ 110 : US $200
£ 120 : US $218
£ 130 : US $236
£ 140 : US $255


Generally 3 months from date of issue. Applications for extension should be made to the Director of Immigration.

Application to

Consulate or Consular section at Embassy or High Commision, please see below information.

Application requirements

A Visitor must have:
    1 completed application form
A valid passport
  Proof of sufficient funds to cover stay
  2 passport sized photographs
  Itinerary of trip.
  Return or onward ticket and documents to enter any other    country to which travel is planned.
  Stamped self addressed envelope if applying by post.
  Proof of employment or enrolment in University.
  Proof of hotel booking or letter of invitation if staying at a private    home.

Only applications from the United Kingdom can be made via registered or recorded delivery.

Working days required

Dependent on nationality of applicant, a minimum of 48 hours, maximum of 6 weeks. Applications made by post and from various nationals may take longer to process. Applicants are advised to make their applications at least 6 weeks before their departure date to the Bahamas. Please enquire at the Consulate or Embassy for further details.

Temporary residence

Please enquire at:

The Director of Immigration
Address: PO Box N-831, Nassau, The Bahamas
Telephone: (242) 322 7531.

Passport - Visa Contacts

Bahamas High Commission in the UK

Address: 10 Chesterfield Street, London W1J 5JL, UK
Telephone: (020) 7408 4488 or 7659 0829 (for visa enquiries).
Website address: www.mfabahamas.org
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9.30 am to 5.30 pm.

Embassy of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas in the USA
Address: 2220 Massachussetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20008, USA
Telephone: (202) 319 2660.
Email address: bahemb@aol.com

Bahamas Consulate General in the USA
Address: Bahamas House, 231 East 46th Street, New York, NY 10017, USA
Telephone: (212) 421 6420.
Website: www.un.int/bahamas