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Last updated : Nov 2009
Bahrain Getting Around - Internal Travel
Bahrain Internal Travel - Getting Around Bahrain - TravelPuppy.com

Bahrain International Airport provides numerous flights per week for several destinations within the country. Please contact a local travel or tour operator for additional information.


Manama is served by a brilliant road system. Traffic drives on the right, and there are road signs written in both English and Arabic.

Speed restrictions are enforced, the limits are 100 kilometres per hour (60 miles per hour) on highways and between 50 and 80 kilometres per hour (30 to 50 miles per hour) on all other roads.


Buses now serve most of the towns and villages.


There are metered taxis available to be hired in the street or from stands outside hotels and in the main tourist venues, and these are specific by their orange side wings. There are also share taxis carrying up to 5 passengers available, which can be easily recognisable by a yellow circle with the licence number in black painted on the driver’s door and by their white and orange number plates. Many designated pick up points are available. Meters are not used and it is advised for fares to be agreed before the journey. Radio cabs are also available.

Car Hire

There are many car hire companies in Bahrain, and most of the main international ones operating in Bahrain have their representatives at the airport and at big hotels.


An International Driving Permit is required and must be acquired prior to arrival and must be approved by the Traffic and Licensing Directorate. A valid United Kingdom Licence (if available) will be valid for 3 months only.


Transport between the smaller islands is done by motorboat or dhow. For further details, please contact local travel agents.