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Last updated : Nov 2009
Bahrain travel guide
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'Island of golden smiles'

Bahrain is a country of 33 islands in the Arabian Gulf, featuring a combination of modern and ancient lifestyles. Very tall modern city buildings share the landscape with epitome of Islamic art, majestic mosques, architecture and culture. Manama is Bahrain’s capital, which is modern and dominated by a Manhattan style skyline.

The souk is found in the old town centre, only a short distance away from the archway of Bab al-Bahrain. Though much of the neighbouring quarter is modern, the street layout follows traditional lines. Those wishing to see some of Bahrain's past, a visit to the A’ali Burial Mounds (the world’s largest cemetery) is advised.

Some other ancient sights are the Al Fateh Grand Mosque (Bahrai’s largest mosque) and The House of Al Jasra (the home town of the Amir, Bahrain's ruler).

Further tourist sights include long stretches of coral reefs and sandy beaches. The largest and most enjoyable beach is available at Al Jazair. Arabic food is spicy and strongly flavoured, lamb is the main meat, whilst chicken, turkey and duck are also eaten. Arak (which is grape spirit flavoured with aniseed) and beer are the most common drinks. Restaurants, nightclubs and cinemas showing English and Arabic films can be found in the major towns.
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