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Last updated : Nov 2009
Barbados Duty Free
Barbados Duty Free - TravelPuppy.com
People may import the following items into Barbados without incurring customs duty providing they are over 18 years:

200 cigarettes or 250g of tobacco or other tobacco products

750 ml of spirits

750 ml of wine

150 ml of perfume and 300 ml of all other scents

Gifts up to a value of Bd $100.


For certain items it is now possible, on presentation of airline tickets and travel documents, to obtain duty free goods any time from the day of arrival in Barbados.

However, alcohol, tobacco and electronic goods must still be bought under the old system immediately prior to embarkation. A permit must be obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs in order to import meat or meat products.

Controlled and prohibited items

The prohibited items include:

Foreign rum

Foreign matches

Fresh fruit and vegetables (only if grown in or conveyed through certain   areas, please contact the Ministry of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs for   further information)

Articles made of camouflage material.