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Belgium Getting Around - Internal Travel
Belgium Internal Travel - Getting Around Belgium - TravelPuppy.com

As Belgium is such a small country, there are no internal flights.

Bus services operate between Brussels airport to Antwerp, Ghent and Liège.


SNCB operates a dense railway network with regular trains on most lines. On the main lines there are more frequent trains. For more information contact SNCB.


First and second class, single and return tickets are available. However, a return ticket is double the single fare and is only valid on the day of issue. Children from 6 to 11 years pay half the adult price.

Discount travel

Weekend return fares are available from Friday after 1900 hrs, to Sunday for the outward journey and on Saturday and Sunday for the return journey, on long holiday weekends, these periods are extended. A 50 per cent reduction card, valid for 1 month, is for sale. It entitles the holder to buy an unlimited number of half-price single tickets.

Go Pass offers 10 second-class trips for persons aged under 26 years and Multi Pass (valid for 1 day) offers one return trip between any 2 stations for a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 5. The Rail Pass offers 2 people 10 single trips within 1 year. The Golden Rail Pass offers 6 first class single journeys, between any 2 stations, to people aged 60 and over. Enquire at Rail Europe (telephone number: (08705) 848 848) for further information. For information on timetables, routes and special passes contact Belgian National Railways (telephone number: (020) 7593 2332, fax number: (020) 7593 2333, e-mail: belrail@aol.com).

Runabout tickets

The Five-day B-Tourrail ticket permits 5 days of unlimited travel within a period of 30 days on Belgian Rail. Principal stations in Belgium (and throughout Europe) are able to issue single and return tickets valid from the border to principal foreign stations (with a Tourrail ticket). For details of Benelux Tourrail tickets, see the Travel – International section. The Euro Domino pass permits unlimited travel in any 1 European country for a period of 3 to 8 days in any calendar month.


There are many different brands of petrol, and prices vary. The traffic drives on the right. Towns are connected by toll-free motorways. It is compulsory for seat belts to be worn in both the front and back of vehicles and children under 12 are not permitted to travel in the front seat of a car. A warning triangle must be displayed at the scene of a breakdown or accident and it is compulsory to carry a fire extinguisher or first aid kit in all vehicles.

The speed limit on motorways and dual carriageways is 120kph (75mph) with a minimum speed of 70kph (45 mph), on single carriageways outside built-up areas is 90kph (55mph), and in built-up areas is 50kph (31mph).

Trams always have priority on roads.


Regional bus services are operated by the bus companies which publish regional timetables.


Available in all towns and the tip is included in the final meter price. If there are no taxi stands, taxi companies can be telephoned for an extra charge of about €2.5.

Car hire

Self-drive and chauffeur-driven cars are available. The minimum age is 23 and the person must possess a valid full licence with at least 1 year of validity (and which will be required upon collection of the car).


A national driving licence is required. EU nationals taking their own cars to Belgium must obtain a Green Card. The Green Card tops insurance cover up to the level of cover provided by the car owner’s domestic policy.

Urban Transport

There is a good public transport system in all the major towns and cities, with underground, tram and bus services in Antwerp and Brussels, bus and tramways in Charleroi, Ghent and Ostend and bus systems elsewhere. There is a standard flat-fare system, with discounts for 5 and 10 journey multi-ride tickets. 1-day tickets and multi-mode tourist travelcards are also available.

The following chart gives approximate travel times from Brussels (in hours and minutes) to other major cities and towns in Belgium and neighbouring countries.
  Air Road Rail
0.50 - 1.20
0.40 - 3.00
2.00 - 20.00
- - 3.00
0.30 0.50 0.50
- 3.00 2.20
- 0.40 0.41
- 1.00 0.53
- 0.50 0.28
- 1.10 1.22
- 1.20 1.10
- 1.00 1.56
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