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Last updated : Nov 2009
Trains, trains and more trains!
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Pros : totally lucked out and got a place in one of the best hostels
Cons: None

Brussels, Belgium
May 28, 2005

Finally we have made it to brussels after 25 hours on the train! It was quite the stretch. The overnight train from Rome to Milan was hardest to conquer. All the better high speed trains that go straight to Paris were fully booked, so we were stuck on an old train that didn't have beds, only seats that didn't even lean back. The train was suppose to leave at 10:40pm, but was late because of an old WW2 bomb that was found under the tracks near Napoli, so every train coming from there had to be re-routed and a couple hours late.

So the train finally departed from Rome at midnight, and arrived in Milan at 7:30am this morning. We made a lot of fun out of the ride though...well Nath did anyways. We were sitting with these 2 Canadian girls from Quebec, and this old Itailian man that loved Nath. The entire night the old man was trying to teach Nath Itailian, when neither of them could understand each other. Nath was just saying random pharses from her Italian book. Those pharse books have really funny things in them, like how to ask for herbal laxitives, babys being bitten by dogs, and other strange things like that...the old guy was laughing lots! And you know how Nath is...always trying to pick the most odd thing to say. The Canadian girls said it was their funnist train ride on their whole trip. I got a bit motion sickness on this train, and almost fainted...it really came out of nowhere! It didn't last long thank goodness! So the next train we caught was Milan to Paris, we were on a nicer train again, at 9:13am to 4:11pm. We slept most of this train ride because the night train we slept very little! There was another Canadian girl sitting across from us, she is from Vancouver as well! On this trip we have met soooo many Canadians, more then Americans, British, Australian...everything. People that we met were like Canada must be empty. I guess thats were the most of us travel to. So when we got to Paris, we went to reserve our train that goes to Brussels every hour, and again they were all full! So we had to take an alternate route to make it to brussels today. The reason why we have to do it all in one day, is because them it only uses 1 day on our Eurail pass, if you leave after 9:00pm, it counts as the next day. We only had one more day left on our pass, and that one is the day to get back to Rotterdam, so we had to get as far as we could. Anyways, so we had to take 3 train in 3 hours (which would normally take 1 train and 1 hour on the fast train) to brussels. So we arrived in Brussels around midnight...crazy! Saturday night we walk out of the train station, and we have to try our luck with finding a hostel at this hour. We totally lucked out and got a place in one of the best hostels in Brussels. It was a 5 minute walk from the station...time for bed now!!