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Last updated : Nov 2009
To scared to visit Brussels?
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Brussels, Belgium
October 30, 2004

Cons: None

Based on the stories I have heard, Brussels is one city that I’m scared to visit. Two of my Indian friends lost their laptops and passports in or around Brussels. One of them was mugged as well. Since hand-to-hand combat is not my specialty, I always avoid the city.

My first visit to Brussels was in October 2004. I was there to deliver a training to all local Presidents about Team Management and later give a 1 hour long “motivational” speech to all the delegates at a conference. Now the training was fine as I have delivered similar trainings before but the 1-hour “motivational” speech was asking for too much. I was supposed to motivate delegates by sharing my experiences and setting an example for them. It would have been fine if I genuinely believed that I could be an example for others. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get myself to believe that.

After a lot of contemplation, I decided to be honest enough and admit that I can’t help them but only share my experience so that they can learn from it. I had planned out a grand finale to my speech with everyone lighting a tea light and committing to making the most of their experience in the organization. Unfortunately, as soon as the tea lights were distributed, a member of the organizing committee rushed in to inform me about the fire alarm!

In the end everything went well despite the tea light fiasco.

I didn’t get to see much in Brussels and decided to come back soon!