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Last updated : Nov 2009
Back in Beautiful Prague
Prague and Cesky Krumlov,
Czech Republic

Pros: Cesky Krumlov is beautiful with a cool castle and lots of trees, infamous backpacker destination.
Cons: Hard to find rooms

Back in beautiful Prague once again. Lets see, what have I been up to for the past two weeks? Well, my second time in Budapest was just as fun as the first time. We visited two more thermal bath houses, which are very invigorating and lots of fun. We also saw a great photography exhibit, ate good food, and played lots of dice games.

After Budapest, we returned to Prague because we were planning to meet Lisay. She ended up changing her ticket to stay in the US for an extra week, so we just hung out in Prague. One night we went to swing night at a club to hear Katie's roommate Jim, who is a DJ there. Wait until you see the pictures from that night.

From Prague, we took the train to Cesky Krumlov, which is a beautiful city, lots of trees, red roof houses, and a cool castle. There are bears in a big pit by the castle. We had fun watching the bear.

Cesky Krumlov is an infamous backpacker destination, and it was one of the first places we had a hard time finding rooms. But of course we managed to find a room in the end. We stayed there for three nights, which was plenty. We tried Absinthe one night. That's the weird green looking alcohol that is banned in the US because it supposedly makes you crazy. One shot was enough to make me swear it off forever. Not because it made me crazy, but because it tasted like poison. Absolutely repulsive stuff! Much better is a clove flavoured alcohol that is also popular here, called Becherovca.

As beautiful as Cesky Krumlov is, it is pretty small and there really isn't that much to do there. Normally we would have rented a boat and paddled down the river, but the river was completely flooded and unmanageable. In fact, the whole region is pretty flooded. On the train ride to Cesky Krumlov, we saw a town that was about 2 feet under water, just completely washed out. And in Cesky Kromlov, lots of the houses near the river had sandbags by their doors. Even the river here in Prague has gone up a few feet.

Yarrow has decided to return to the US, and she leaves today. That came as quite a shock, and Lisay and I are both sad to see her go. But we're continuing on with the trip. It will be interesting to see how travelling with only one other person changes the dynamics.

Lisay returns from the US tomorrow, and we are going to see if we can get visas for Yugoslavia. If not we'll just spend a week or two in Croatia. But we would really like to get to Monte Negro, we heard from other backpackers that it is just as nice as Croatia, but at a third of the cost. We'll see.