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Last updated : Nov 2009
Denmark Business
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The standard of living is generally high in Denmark, with annual GDP per capita of US$30,000. Denmark retains a large and important agricultural sector, two-thirds of whose produce is exported. Danish manufacturing depends on imports of the raw materials and components. Iron, steel and the production of other metals are the most important industries, followed by electronics, chemicals and biotechnology, paper and printing, textiles, furniture and cement. Food processing and drinks also make a significant contribution.

Since the discovery of offshore oil and gas reserves in the 1980s, production has increased to the point where the country can meet all its domestic energy needs. Most of Denmark’s trade is conducted within the EU, of which it is a member, although it has proved reluctant to adopt measures which are perceived as threatening to its sovereignty. Denmark so far has refused to join the single European currency zone. Recent economic performance has been steady with inflation at 2 per cent and unemployment 6 per cent are near the EU average, in 2004, annual growth remained at 0 per cent. Germany is substantially the largest trading partner followed by Sweden and the UK, outside the EU, Norway and the USA are important trading partners. Denmark is a member of the Nordic Union. Denmark's links with Scandinavia will be further enhanced by the new road and rail system linking it to Sweden across the Øresund Strait this being one of Europe’s largest engineering infrastructure projects.

Business Etiquette

English is widely used for all aspects of business in Denmark. Local businesspeople expect visitors to be on time and the approach to business is often direct and quite straightforward. Avoid business visits from mid-June to mid-August, as this is prime holiday periods.

Office hours: Monday-Friday 0800/0900-1600/1700 hrs (some offices close earlier Friday).

Commercial Information

The following organisations can offer advice:

Handelskskammeret (Danish Chamber of Commerce),
DK-1217 Copenhagen K

Telephone number: 7013 1200
Fax number: 3332 5216
e-mail: hts@hts.dk
website: www.hts.dk.


For information and brochures regarding conference facilities, contact Wonderful Copenhagen Convention & Visitors Bureau or the Danish Tourist Board (see Contact section).