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Last updated : Nov 2009
Denmark Travelogues
Denmark Travelogues - TravelPuppy.com
Great tips, diaries and tales from real people detailing their personal experiences and opinions. Their sense of adventure harnesses the joys of travelling. Providing useful information and personal views on your travels to Denmark and never boring! We hope this information enables you to help plan your trip and the places that interest you.

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Featured tales
The land of Vikings, tall blondes and Carlsberg!!

Rating : (5.0) (1 Vote)

Pros: Eating (Danish food is soooooo good)
Cons: None

After approximately 24 hours of travelling, on the highly recommended Singapore Airlines, Ken and I arrived bleary eyed...read more
Copenhagen, Denmark

Rating : (4.8) (14 votes)

Pros: Free Bicycles
Cons : Long wait for train tickets

We arrived in Denmark by sea, which was a surprise since we had booked train tickets from Berlin to Copenhagen and nobody... read more
Hans Christian Anderson pandemonium
Rating : (4.7) (12 votes)

Pros: Great Celebrations throughout the city!
Cons : None

If I had to sum up our time in Copenhagen in one word, it would be Slots. The word slot means castle for most Danes, but for Randi....read more
A week in Denmark!
Rating : (4.7) (4 votes)

Pros: Denmark waffle, with ice cream, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream.
Cons: None

We flew EasyJet from Bristol, and it was fine. There was less pushing and shoving for seats than we had been led to believe. The... read more
Touch Down Copenhagen!
Rating : (4.0) (4 votes)

Pros: Great photos
Cons: It was chilly and blankets were issued at many restaurants!

We touched down at Copenhagen (København). The word 'havn' mean harbour and to sailors means no more rough seas....read more
Copenhagen, Denmark
Rating : (4.0) (4 votes)

Pros: Great Concert
Cons: None

Hey everyone. I've just flown up to Copenhagen, Denmark from down in Split on the Dalmation Coast of Croatia. .... read more
Copenhagen, Denmark
Rating : (4.7) (28 votes)

Pros: All sorts of things to do and explore
Cons: None

It is Friday and we are currently in Copenhagen. I have officially crossed the line from dorky to full-on dork. Before moving from... read more
Copenhagen, Denmark
Rating : (5.0) (151 votes)

Pros: None
Cons: None

Arriving in Copenhagen and the VIP treatment continued - my friend Dale, who was doing his PhD when I worked in Lismore, is now...read more
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