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Last updated : Nov 2009
The land of Vikings, tall blondes and Carlsberg!
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Pros : Eating (Danish food is soooooo good)
Cons: None

Copenhagen, Denmark
May 12, 2005

After approximately 24 hours of travelling, on the highly recommended Singapore Airlines, Ken and I arrived bleary eyed and not completely knackered but not far from it in Copenhagen, Denmark on the morning of 28th April. Fortunately my Danish friend (who I lived with in London), Vibeke, and her "to be husband" Jesper picked us up from the airport and drove us back to their cosy flat near the centre of the city, then kindly fed us a hot breakfast and put us to bed whilst they ran some chores. Their hospitality was very much appreciated!!!

We spent two days catching up with them and helped them set up their wedding reception venue which was located on a beautiful farm near Roskilde (where the big music festival happens).

The BIG day was 30th April (which is also Ken's birthday) and after an emotional and beautiful church wedding in Danish which we didn't understand a word of except "Ja" for "I do" we headed to the reception venue. Danish weddings are far more traditional than Australian ones and there was plenty of singing (all in Danish which we had a go at after a few wines ... quite fun for us although probably not for those in our general vicinity who had to listen to us ... he, he), eating (Danish food is soooooo good), drinking (red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, dessert wine, beer, beer and more beer, Vodka, Gin and almost anything else you can think of), speeching (mostly in Danish but some people at our table translated the jokes for us which was very nice of them and Vibeke made a special effort to translate Jesper's words a lot of the time which was greatly appreciated), glass tapping (whenever you wanted the bride and groom to get up on their chairs and kiss) or feet stomping (whenever you wanted the bride and groom to get under their table and kiss) ... (both of these occurred one after the other usually and it looked to be quite painful by the end of the night especially after copious amounts of wine was consumed but it was lots of fun for the guests), kissing the bride or groom (whenever one or the other left the room), cheersing (after every speech or whenever someone gets too emotional during a speech) and then ... eventually ... sleeping in our room upstairs ... ahhhhhhh ... the wonderful land of Zzzzzzzz's!!!

Ken's parents arrived in Copenhagen the day after the wedding (the flights were a belated birthday present for Claire) so after breakfast and lots of "see you laters" we left the farm and took a train back to the city. We spent four days with them trekking about town, taking a sightseeing canal boat ride, having our picture taken with the Little Mermaid, drinking plenty of hot chocolates and beers and eating icecream. Then we checked out a Viking Ship museum back in Roskilde which was quite interesting, then we went to Copenhagen's best dinner and show which was brilliant ... lots of laughs were had!

Unfortunately we had to say "see you soon" to Mum and Dad Lewis and we took them to the airport on 5th May.

More news from Denmark soon ...