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Last updated : Nov 2009
Copenhagen, Denmark
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Copenhagen, Denmark
August 30th, 2004

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Arriving in Copenhagen and the VIP treatment continued - my friend Dale, who was doing his PhD when I worked in Lismore, is now a postdoc at Carlsberg brewery - nice wicket! He lives there with his Danish girlfriend Pernille who I also got to know during my time in Lismore. So of course I snuck along to the Carlsberg staff Friday drinking session - only problem was that I had a hangover (as you´d expect having just arrived from Dublin) so I wasn´t in such fine form. Well anyway it´s probably for the best, so that the Danish continue to believe that Tasmanian girls are all elegant and well spoken hehe! Yep you guessed it, while I was in Copenhagen I couldn´t resist but see the Mary sights. We visited both the church she was married in and her new pad at the palace, and girly cooed over her dress that was on display at a museum along with many other Danish queens´ frocks (out of consideration for Dale, Pernille and I did that part while he was at work!). Other highlights of Denmark were checking out the thousand year old viking ships excavated from the bottom of Roskilde Fjord, strolling the picture perfect waterfront of Nyhavn, wandering around the beautiful Kronborg castle at Helsingor (the setting for Shakespeare´s Hamlet), then heading over the Oresund strait to Sweden, just cos we could! I also let Dale down a bit by betraying Australia - when offered Vegemite on toast or more a traditional Danish breakfast you can guess what I chose; ditto with the squishy or salty liquorice... and so on.