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130,422 sq km or 50,356 sq miles.

Population of England

49,997,100 (last official estimate 2000).

Population of London

7,375,100 (Greater London; last official estimate 2000).

Population Density

383.3 per sq km.


Much of the countryside is flat, consisting of fertile plains and gentle hills. Mountains, steeper hills and moors are found mainly in the north and the west; the Lake District (Cumbria) and the northwest are divided by the Yorkshire Dales, and the northeast, by the high-rising Pennines, 'the backbone of England'. The eastern area of the country, particularly East Anglia, is the lowest lying. The coastline ranges from long stretches of sandy beaches to steep cliffs and rocky coves.


Constitutional monarchy

Head of State: HM Queen Elizabeth II since 1953.

Head of Government: Prime Minister Tony Blair since 1997.


English. The varied local dialects throughout the country, overlaid with class, and town and country accents makes English a language of astonishing diversity - words and forms of syntax which are obsolete in the southeast often may be found elsewhere. In the larger cities, mainly London, there are many communities who do not speak English as a first language - which adds yet more variety to the English language.


Mostly Protestant (Church of England), but there are many other Christian denominations: Roman Catholic, Church of Scotland, Baptist, Methodist and other free churches. There are sizeable representation of Hindu, Jewish and Muslim minorities.


Greenwich Mean Time (GMT + 1 hour from last Sunday in March to Saturday before last Sunday in October).


240 volts AC, 50Hz. Square three-pin plugs are standard.
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