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Last updated : Nov 2009
England Travel Guide
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'A sense of place'

England's rich history and scenic diversity render it one of the world's most popular visitor destinations in the world. Although only united as a single nation 1000 years ago, its origins go back to the dawn of civilisation, and the variety it offers reflects this.

From the prehistoric Stonehenge to the 21st-century attractions like London's Millennium Eye, man has contributed much to the appeal of the UK's largest country. This is not restricted to a material legacy, either - England's cultural mix is rich, due to the many invaders, settlers and immigrants who have arrived through the millennia. Countless others around the globe share customs, language and history with the English themselves.

England's heritage is many faceted and deeply rooted, ranging from the literary genius of Shakespeare to the pageantry in the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.
The contrast and variety in the nation's countryside is enormous, too, and is often a source of surprise to visitors venturing beyond the cities for the first time - as is the range of visitor attractions, resorts and sights to just see and enjoy. With time to spare, go off the tourist trails and wander over the peaceful countryside, savour 'real' ale at a country pub, visit a traditional town market, or try England's 'new-wave' wines and a cosmopolitan cuisine that rivals any in the world.

England is welcoming, friendly, fascinating and fun, where pomp and circumstance balance the often bizarre idiosyncrasies of its people, and a sense of humour is usually the passport to acceptance.
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