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Last updated : Nov 2009
From York to London
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London, England
Oct 05, 2002

Pros: Stunning flowers even in October
Cons: none

Yesterday I left York which has a center of medieval streets which would be hard to get lost in. There is a huge cathedral called Minster which is the largest in England. We stopped off in Sherwood Forest where we saw Major Oak Tree which is held up with poles of sorts. I have now witnessed a tree on life support. The forest was really magical and peaceful at the same time.

Next we stopped in Stratford Upon Avon where Shakespeare was born. If a town could be constructed purely for the tourists enjoyment, this would be what it looked like. It was a hot sunny day which made feeding the ducks and geese in the park among the plethora of monuments an enjoyable task. The flowers were so vibrant and stunning that I had to keep reminding myself that yes, it is October. Walked by Shakespeares house and purused the gift shop which contains anything relating even remotely to the man. I had to have a 39p cone from McDonalds. Next we stopped at Oxford where there were what seemed like a million students milling around buying supplies and calming down concerned parents. It is the weekend before classes start so there is a feeling of anxious excitement. I felt more intelligent just walking around this town as Oxford boasts the oldest university in Britain. From Oxford it was straight on back to London. Amy, Mark and Sarah kept me company today making me laugh on more than one occasion. So I arrived back in London and immediately remembered how lovely it smells here. I found my way back on the tube and am now settled back into familiar territory. I am looking forward to meeting up with some old friends before its time to continue on to France. As we speak its a sunny Saturday in London so that means its time to venture out with my tourist hat on.