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Last updated : Nov 2009
Leeds – the Return of the Thai Reunion
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London, United Kingdom

Pros: A great place to explore
Cons: none

Well I arrived and despite a few minor setbacks, I am having a blast. The flight was great and it was so easy to get into London. My first few nights were spent in Sheppards Bush at St. Christophers Inn with a couple of crazy Aussies, who offered me a warm welcome. So after a few nights with them, I decided to move on and head over to Streatham Hill. Which by the way is pronounced Stet-ham Hill not Stea-th-am as I was pronouncing it, therefore causing the Brits to look at me very awkwardly. I am currently 'dossing' as they call it, living on a couch in my friend Kate's house. But it is lovely to be here as we have a cat to remind me of home and a fabulous chef too. I am still unsure of the work situtation, however a fabulous opportunity has come my way to be a maternity nurse (just like home), well not really but similar and sounds like a nice temporary change. So I am off to explore all that London has to offer, starting with David Blaine and the Tower Bridge. Should be great fun... and a big adventure!

Leeds, United Kingdom
Oct 08, 2002

After a very stimulating time in Oxford, it is again time to party it up and damage some braincells, with Thai Reunion part two, in the fantastic party town of Leeds! I headed up to Leeds on the National Express and was met by my Thai travelling buddy Lou who I met in the Bangkok Domestic Airport and helped her carry her 25kgm bag around, so she figured she owed me and let me spend the weekend with her! After a lovely bit of shopping and coffee, I was introduced to the upbeat part of Horsforth (a subdivision of Leeds) for a little pre-party before the big night, with just Lou and it was great! However, the next day was very long as we got up and prepared for our day at about 9am, and met all of the ‘members’ of the Thai Reunion at about 12 noon for the start of the England – South Africa Rugby game. So basically that is when the booze started to flowing and oh how it did! So once England won, and everybody was very patriotic, we headed to our next destination down the street, party in tow, to a college bar. And of course it would not be a night out, if I didn’t have a good story or two to tell. So the first begins with me, having a good laugh, but getting a little tired of all the loud English patriotism and decided that I needed to find a way of being patriotic as well, just because. And the fun part is that I am able to gain attention whenever I go somewhere local as I have the accent. So I spotted a group of about 5 guys all wearing pink sparkly cowboy hats, and I think to myself, yeah this is the way to be patriotic, I’ll be a cowgirl (as I like to think I am). So I wander over and strike up a conversation, and of course they want to know where I am from and I casually mention that I would love one of their hats to make me feel more at home while they all get to be patriotic over this big rugby win. Of course they ask me, what I will give them for it, and I say I’m afraid I have nothing to offer, but hoping they would take pity on me and allow me to feel as patriotic as they do. And again, typically enough, one of them says, ‘if you give me a little kiss on the cheek, then I will give you my hat’ what I great deal I say! And I go in for the kiss and he turns quickly, just in time to get a bit more than I bargained for, but never the less, I got the hat and a picture to prove it! As the night wore on, it basically consisted of drinking and dancing and of course a pitstop at McDonalds. Unfortunately, it was the only view that I got of Leeds, but plan to go back soon!