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Days in London
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London, United Kingdom
Jun 20, 2003

Pros : Stunning English countryside
Cons: None

Hello loyal listeners

Now open up your eyes because I have more information for you then you can shake a stick at, well you could shake a stick at it but I dont know what good it would do you go ahead and find out it may be interesting well after a while denise,pat and john (friends from cali) came and we met up and went to dinner at a pub (a bar where kids can go in and you can have a nice meal) and then we went to the war cabinet rooms where Chuchill commanded the english troops during ww 2 it was really neat to see original maps that they used and the rooms that they worked in after that we came back to the hotel fro an early night since our bodys had not yet changed to the time differance which is 8 yes count them 8 hours.the next morning we got up early and had breakfast at the the hotel and then set out to have a day we first went to st. paul's cathedral which is a famous church in london and famous people are buried like admiral nelson and florance nightengale this next bit is for my parents denise and john left a little with both the two people mentioned then over to westminster abbey which is a famous for where the kings and queens are crowned we was the corination chair and where they bury the royalty and other famous people light charles dickens t.s elliot handel and many other famous poets and writer that where english also we saw the grave of elizabeth the first and queen mary who are buried together and again left lynn with them now one more queen is buried there than when we left we also saw the tomb of the unknown soldier's memorial and there are a memorial of stained glass of the americans who died while fighting in england and also right there oliver cromwell was buried for 3 years only 3 years you say we only that long well ill tell you after the 3 years they dug his body back up hung it up cut him into fours and decatitated him and put his head on a stake to show what happens to someone who kills a king even if it is to give freedom to the mass the other royals still did not like him after that i told you i had enough to shake a stick at we went to the museum of london which has exhibits of london though out the ages we saw roman london medival london saxon london and also nelsons sword finally after that we had dinner and went to see mamma mia a play based around abba song it was so fun you got sucked right in and the curtain call was the best id ever seen why you ask ill tell you why because for the curtain call they did at least 5 songs it was a small abba concert put on by the actors and singers that ends my second day yes it was only my second day on the third day i checked out of the hotel and met op with a friend who lives in london named tim he took me to convent gardens where they shot the first scene of my fair lady and then we went to trafalger square a monument to admiral nelson who died at teh battle of trafalger wow his name comes up at least 3 times told ya he was famous after that we headed down to the river thames and walked across and had lunch by that time we had to get to the hotel to pick up my luggage and go to waterloo (train station) to head down to south hampton and meet some family freinds sharon and steve i boarded the traing fine and it was only a hour and a half only when i was on the train for awhile did i relize that i had been feeling a little off and relized it was because i dont like the city and was very happy to exit it and get out into the english country side which is a stunning sight and is why i love england once i got to south hampton i was picked up by sharon and steve and now im at their house which im very happy about if there is any thing you would like to know feel free to email me you soon loyal listeners