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Last updated : Nov 2009
Some Tips for Travellers in London
Rating: (4.00)

London, United Kingdom
Sep 22, 2003

Pros: St. James's Park
Cons: Public Toilets

Highlights (and not so) from this trip...

1) If you ever go to Singapore, make a trip out to 11 Lorong Geylang (nearest MRT is Kallang) look out on the corner for Kim Kee Food Junction, where you can try some yummy bullfrog porridge (really!!)

2) If you decide to go crazy like I did and blow a third of your trip money on the first day, then you can't miss Orchard Rd shopping in Singapore. I literally could not stop myself from continuously splurging.

3) What is it with London and public toilets? paticularly at St Paul's Cathedral? I was completely busting, and desperate to find a toilet, and after crap directions from everybody around me, I was so tempted to do a squatter in the courtyard (it was 7am, Sunday) , it was ridiculous, then I thought no, wandered around for about ten more minutes..dying at this stage, found a bloody toilet, and you had to pay 20 pence, one of those standalone units, if u don't finish in 15 mins the door opens deal and it was completely grotty! so lesson in london... never leave it until you really need to go...

4) People here don't seem to understand me, i don't know if it's my accent, but i think it's just me. I get blank stares, or "what"? like I am some freak speaking in a completely different dialect.

5)Vegging out in St James Park was awesome, so tempted to fall asleep after being slee[ deprived! gorgeous day in London, it was actually sunny , and clear blue skies - squirrels running around. Bad thing was , there were zillion tourists zipping around which made it hard to see anything being so vertically challenged as I am. It was actually open day at Houses of Parliament, and heaps of celebrations for the anniversary of Battle of Britain.

6) Chinatown in London,,gotta get to I think Lisle Street, definitely some good Yum Cha places, Newport st had some good shops. Tiny little shops with so many people squeezed in!

7) Quaint Gabriela's peir along the River Thames..some funky shops!