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Leeds, United Kingdom
April 17, 2003

Pros : Great Hiking
Cons : None

Yet another day trip!... since the trains to Chester weren't very frequent, Michelle and I decided to do Leeds for the day. The weather was decent, nice and sunny at the start & then the infamous cloud cover moved in later in the day, but no rain.

It was an interesting enough city - it's a fairly decent size with lots of old buildings full of character. We decided to check out some shops while wandering around.

Granary Wharf was first - it's a market nestled in some brick structure with canal tunnels with a medieval feel to them (see photos) Lots of handicrafts were for sale - candles, gargoyles... the usual cool stuff that I like to waste my money on.

Things were rather keyed-down since it was a Sunday and all. We popped into an exquisite pub - it very well could have been a church or something with it's vaulted ceiling & windows up high.

It really started to cool off outside & the sun was gone, so we decided to train it home. Something different for a day - everything is so accessible in this country... I love it!

Til next time...