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Last updated : Nov 2009
Jun 14, 2006


Fiji is the most amazing place. I intended to go and sit on a beach for a week and ended up getting so much more than that out of it.

The weather was not what I'd hoped for, but i totally chilled out - even took my watch off and moved to "Fiji time" (everything happens a couple of hours after they say it will!!) I went to a couple of local villages and saw churches (one of which doubled as the vicar's house too - he slept in the corner!), houses (really just shells with nothing inside but matting) and all the fruits/veg etc they grow. We were even lucky enough to hear singing coming from one place - the Fijians are always danceing or singing!! They are slways so happy too - especially the children who come running up to you shouting "Bula" (hello). The live a very sinple life, but never moan and are so excited to meet travellers and talk to you. Fijian is very much the language there, but as it is a collony, they learn English at school and most are bilingual.

The resot I stayed in was lovely - although v cut off. It took 2 hrs to get there from Nadi (pronounced Nandi) airport and was 5 mins drive down a dirt track from the main road. Driving there is slightly mental....the main road doesn't have a great surface and has speed bumps on it through the villages. They also have cattle grazing at the sides of the road that just wander around(and they seem to favour overtaking on corners!!).

Altogether though it was a fabulous trip. I think everyone should go to Fiji once in their life for a reality check, and to relax - it's beautiful.