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Last updated : Nov 2009
Finland Health
Finland Health - TravelPuppy.com
  Special Precautions Certificate Required
Yellow Fever No No
Cholera No No
Typhoid and Polio N/a N/a
Malaria No N/a
Other risks

Hepatitis A occurs. Cases of diphtheria have also been reported. Campers and trekkers should take precautions against tick bites and consider immunisation against tick-borne encephalitis.

Health care

There is a reciprocal health agreement with the United Kingdom. For UK nationals on a temporary visit, an E111 form is not required. Production of a British passport is sufficient to obtain medical treatment. Other European Union nationals generally need to present an E111 form or the new European Health Insurance Card that is set to replace the paper E111, E119 and E128 cards. There are charges for visits to the doctor, hospital and dental treatment, and medicines prescribed. Some of these charges may, however, be partially refunded by the Finnish Sickness Insurance Department (Kansaneläkelaitoksen Paikallistoimisto – KELA, telephone number: (20) 434 5058, website: www.kela.fi).

On production of the required documents, visitors seeking treatment will generally be charged approximately €11-22 for a visit to a doctor at a municipal health centre, €22 for a visit to a hospital outpatient clinic and €26 per day for hospitalisation (charges can vary). Those receiving private treatment should keep the receipt and submit it to the local KELA office as they may be entitled to a part refund.

For emergency dental treatment, visitors should contact the dentist on duty through the municipal health centre. A standard fee will be charged. Prescribed drugs may be obtained from the pharmacy and are charged at the full amount, though costs may be partially claimed back from the local KELA. On most prescribed medicines, a 50 per cent refund is available on amounts exceeding around €8.

For emergencies, dial 112.

For general information about health care and doctors who make house calls, dial 10023, a 24-hour helpline, obtainable in Finland only. The pharmacy at Mannerheimintie 96, Helsinki (telephone number: 0203 20200 or 4178 0317) is open 24 hours.
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