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Last updated : Nov 2009
Finland Travel Guide
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'Watery wilderness on the Baltic'

Visiting Finland is like stepping into a refreshing shower on a very hot day. Even in the cultured capital, Helsinki, the air is clean, and the countryside has a cool but seductive beauty. The western coast is fringed with countless islands, and the southern Saimaa district is drenched by myriad sapphire lakes. Here you can sail, fish, or take a relaxing sauna and of course a dip in the lake.

In Kuusamo, there are ancient forests where the bears and wolves roam, where succulent berries grow, and where lichens glisten on the trees lining the many marked walking trails. In Lapland, far to the north, the indigenous Sami people still tend their reindeer herds – when they’re not surfing the Internet. Finland is now one of the most technologically switched on countries in the world.

Finland’s rich, sometimes turbulent, history is revealed in its buildings with onion-domed Orthodox churches speak of the days when it was part of Russia, Finland has the world’s only Lenin Museum, while fortresses like Suomenlinna Castle recall centuries of Swedish rule.

During the winter, luscious snows create a sporting wonderland crisscrossed by ski trails, while in the warmer weather you can catch an opera at Savonlinna, go canoeing, river rafting or gold panning, or simply join the Finns as they dance the tango under the midnight sun.
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