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Last updated : Nov 2009
Exciting Helsinki!
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Helsinki, Finland
July 2nd, 2005

Pros: Fantastic Strawberries
Cons: Expensive!

On arrival in Helsinki it did not take Christian and I very long to realise that there was not much to do here and that everything was very expensive (especially for me coming from Thailand, just a big mac is 8 dollars) - this belief was reinforced by the hostel staff:

Christian asked, "what can we do here on a budget?"
Blank face, answer "nothing!"
Christian "what do you guys do?"
Laughing... "we do nothing, it's too expensive here!"

So we walked around, went to see some churches which were free, got some strawberries which are the best ones I have ever had, big, red, juicy and so sweet. Christian had said that the best strawberries were from Scandanavia and I hadn't really believed him - now no arguments. We also had a fabulous meal with Salmon (which is very plentiful here), chicken, small whole fish (which despite their appearance were delicious), rice, veges etc´- finally something that was great value.

We had originally planned to spend a few days in Helsinki, it took us the morning to book tickets to go via ferry to Estonia's capital Tallinn, a hour and a half away.