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Last updated : Nov 2009
Helsinki, Finland
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Helsinki, Finland,
July 25th 2005

Pros: See the city from the water.
Cons: None

Helsinki is a vibrant capital and it was refreshing after being based in the small town Oulu the past 3 months. Our arrival in Helsinki marked the start of our weeks travel around the south of the country and a short hop to Estonia.

We spent two days in Helsinki but these were split by a day in Tallinn, Estonia. In Helsinki we took in the sites and sounds of the city, took a tour boat out around just a handful of the small islands and got to see the city from the water with the stunning chalk white cathedral dominating the view as it stood above the city skyline.

On our second day in the city we visited the Kiasma museum of art, and the 'rock church' which is actaully build within the rocks of the city. The museum stood as a prominant feature in the heart of the city, whereas the church was tucked away humbly in the residential streets away from all the hustle and bustle. In both we admired the workmanship of artists, but were amazed at how such a small church that looks very uninspiring from the outside, can on entry simultaneously take your breath away and fill you with peace. Has to be seen to be believed, truely the most beautiful of all the churches and cathedrals we have visited (and we've seen quite a few!).