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Monaco, Nice, Paris, France
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Monaco, Nice, Paris, France
April 10th, 2002

Pros: Ferraris, trophy wives, luxury yachts, the whole enchilada.
Cons: None

There's nothing quite like lying on a beach getting a tan in early April to make you appreciate the joys of NOT being in Calgary in winter. Great little trip!

Flew into Nice on the 3rd, which has that wonderful airport feature of ocean surrounding the runway - as you come in at 8000 km/h, you can't see the airstrip, just water on all sides!! We were bumped from our hostel to another one just down the street, which will never win awards for interior decor. Or cleanliness. Nice little balcony though, and less than 10 mins to the beach or Veille Ville (Old Town). Spent the rest of that day and the next touring Nice; Promenade de Anglais, Chagall Museum, the old Roman baths, picturesque little markets, narrow alleyways, terracota houses and churches, and tons of dogs everywhere! Erin was in 7th heaven (Lots of dogs, AND croissants for breakfast!).

Also made a little day trip to Monaco, and instantly fell in love. This is extravagant and classy in a way that Las Vegas barely hints at. Ferraris, trophy wives, luxury yachts, the whole enchilada. We sat on the beach all day, watching the paragliders and relaxing. We couldn't really afford to eat there, or dressed well enough to play a couple of hands at Monte Carlo, so we grabbed the train with the other non-billionaires and heading back to Nice.
Saturday we caught the TGV to Paris - what a difference from British trains! Quick, quiet and didn't have to stop for 4 hours due to 'signal failure'. Got into Paris just after midnight and called it a night.

Now....Paris. You could fill pages here on Paris - what a city! From the musical acompanyment on every Metro ride, to the simple majesty of the Eiffel Tower, to the night lights covering Champs Des Elysee, it's a living postcard. We did all the touristy stuff - Notre Dame, Versailles (every house needs a Hall of Mirrors!), the Louvre, dinner in the Latin Quarter.

More will be added, especially as we get pictures developed!!