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Nemo's Beerhall Putsch
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Munich, Germany
August 13th, 2004

Pros: Streets are clean, safe and the people are friendly.
Cons: None

Let me tell you guys if you have never been to Germany then you are missing out. Here in Munich anyways the streets are clean, safe and the people are friendly. Here no one J-walks. When people come to a pedestrian crosswalk signal they stop and obey the light. This is a total 180 from Italy where everyone J-walks and there are no real crosswalks. Italy is one big mass of anarchy while Germany is eerily clean and quiet.

We arrived in Germany a few days ago still recuperating from our adventures in Naples. We payed an old friend a visit there, but didn´t really have enough time to pay him the kind of visit he really deserved, if you know what I mean. So it was off to Munich the next morning and a new country to wreak havoc in.

Mike has been sick basically ever since we crossed the Italian border. You would think that coming back to the Fatherland he would gain strength but that was not the case. He just got sicker and sicker, until we took him to the hospital in Munich and the doctor gave him some German-strength antibiotics.
Besides a diseased friend (and I don´t mean Mike), Munich is basically about beer for me. I buy it by the liter and drink it every day for lunch and dinner. If Germany is the home of beer then Munich is the beer capital. There are over five breweries here. My favorite beer is the Augustiner, it goes down like water. Great stuff! Hey all you Aussies, guess what I got last night, VB, yep I got a bottle of VB last night just like old times in Australia.

No city experience would be complete without me getting lost somewhere. This time I got lost in the English Garden our first night here. It is this huge park in the middle of the city and in the dead of night it feels like you are out in the wilderness with no one else around. Now I´m traumatized and frightened to go near that place again.

Oh, we met two guys from Maryland. They live right across from us in our hostel. Small world. They are noth from Batimore though, not like our DC crew here.

Well, that´s about it from Munich. Tonight is Friday night and we are going out to see what the German nightlife is all about. Me and Justen went out on Wednesday while Mike lay dying in bed. It was very empty, we found only one club and that was it. It was cool anyways though.

After the fact - we all went to the Kultfabrik club area, Justen and the Baltimore boys skipped out early but me and Mike stayed and partied in every club, I think maybe eight in all. One bar was filled with Russians, speaking Russian and dancing to Russian music, I felt pretty out of place but had fun anyways. Justen, meanwhile, worked on his game with...not as bad as...!

Bye guys