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Last updated : Nov 2009
Still in Heidelberg, Germany

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Heidelberg, Germany
January 5th, 2003

Pros: Great food and fresh snow!!
Cons: The rain!

Why run away to Sicily? Particularly since the holiday season can be so gemuetlich what with chomping on Christmas cookies and cakes and watching the candles burn down on the Christmas tree. Well to begin, poor Chris and Harumi arrived on a beautiful clear, cold day from dreary wet Prague. We warned that that this was not a typical day for Heidelberg. They were so delerious with seeing the sun that they refused to believe us. Too bad. It rained and rained and then rained some more. When Chris's dad Ed arrived on Christmas day we hoped he'd see something other than rain. They even ran off to Italy for a while, but it followed them there too. Well, it did stop raining for a few minutes on New Year's eve otherwise you wouldn't be able to see the sparklers and fireworks as we helped to paddle out the old year and offer a SCUBA outfit to the new. Ed finally gave up and bought an umbrella. By the time he left on the 4th he noticed that he was growing moss on his north side. We dropped Ed off in Heidelberg to catch the Lufthansa bus to the Frankfurt airport (it departs every hour from the Crown Hotel in downtown H-town and costs 19 Euros one way and 35 for a round trip--perfect for travelers coming in to Germany and visiting H-town) and went about our typical Saturday doings: swimming, shopping, sitting around and watching the candles burn on the Christmas tree. As the day rained on we noticed that the temperature was dropping about a degree C per hour... then about 1630 it began to snow. We had offered our condolences to Ed about the lousy weather while he was here and no sooner was he airborne than we began to have a lovely snow. Chris welcomed the snow for a pix to send to Harumi in Yokahama and by the time we'd finished our Cous-cous dinner and walked Jessica home it was seriously coming down. So today, there is about 8 inches of the fluffy stuff that is calling me to start shoveling. Too bad we couldn't have had some while Ed was here... at least it would have been prettier than the rain. Why go to Sicily? Ah, a retorical question, no doubt.