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Last updated : Nov 2009
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Gibraltar is a huge cape of Jurassic limestone, situated in the western entrance to the Mediterranean. The 5km-long (3 mile-) rock contains 143 caves, over 48km (30 miles) of road and miles of tunnels. An independent British Crown Colony, Gibraltar has given its name to the Bay and the Straits which it overlooks.

The town of Gibraltar is an 18th century British Regency town built on a 15th century Spanish town which was, in turn, built on a 12th century Moorish town. Worth visiting is St Michael’s Cave, part of a complex series of interlinked caves, which is used for concerts and ballet. Another popular tourist activity is the cable-car trip to the top of the Rock, stopping at the Apes’ Den on the way. Gibraltar’s history as a British colony means that it can offer a huge selection of British dishes as well as more international fare. The Colony has a number of discos, nightspots and a casino complex, open until the early hours of the morning.
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