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Last updated : Nov 2009
Serifos, Siros, Sifnos, Milos and Ios
Serifos, Siros, Sifnos, Milos and Ios  - TravelPuppy.com

(Piraeus, 70 nautical miles.) Ships calling at the island anchor at Livadi, which is surrounded by orchards and gardens. From here the road climbs up to Hora (the main settlement), where narrow paved alleys are lined by typical Cycladic houses and churches. Higher, stands the old Venetian fortress. Beautiful beaches are to be found at Mega Livadi and Koutalas.


(Piraeus,80 nautical miles.) Siros lies at the centre of the Cycladic complex. Its capital and main port, Ermoupolis, has several notable neoclassical buildings, such as the Town Hall and the Apollo Municipal Theatre (which is a miniature copy of La Scala in Milan), plus spacious public squares and impressive churches. Upper Siros holds on to a strong medieval flavour with city walls, narrow cobbled streets and arcades.


(Piraeus, 78 nautical miles.) Sifnos is very popular in the western Cyclades. An attractive drive inland from the port of Kamares leads to the main settlement, Apollonia, made up of unique Cycladic houses, a number of notable churches, and the Museum of Folklore. Other places to see are the atmospheric medieval town of Kastro, and the village of Artemonas, built on gently undulating hills surrounded by scenic windmills. There are good beaches at Vathy and Faros.


(Piraeus, 82 nautical miles.) This gorgeous island has been inseparably associated with Venus since a statue of the goddess of love, which is now in the Louvre in Paris, was found here during the 19th century. A replica of the statue can be seen in the Archaeological Museum in the chief settlement, Plaka. Also of interest in Plaka are the vestiges of a hilltop Frankish castle and the 13th-century Byzantine Church of Thalassitras. Close to Plaka, at Tripiti, there are wide-ranging early-Christian catacombs. The best beaches and accommodation can be found at Apollonia and Adamas (the island’s port), and numerous sea caves, notably Sikia (also known as the Blue Cave) and Kleftiko, can be visited by boat.


(Piraeus, 114 nautical miles.) The main settlement of this extremely popular island, Hora (also known as Ios Town), stands above the small harbour of Ormos and the attractive swimming beaches of Milopotas and Yalos. Hora boasts whitewashed cottages, several interesting churches and the ruins of a 15th-century hilltop fortress. Each year, thanks to the steady influx of visitors, numerous summer discos open up in Hora.

The four most popular islands of this group are Chios, Lesbos, Lemnos and Samos, all of which lie fairly far apart in the waters of the northeast Aegean, close to Turkey. It is possible to reach these islands by ferry from Piraeus.