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Last updated : Nov 2009
Greece Sports
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Water Sports

There are outstanding facilities along all coastlines of the mainland and particularly in the islands. Most of the hotels can help with arrangements. Water-skiing is very popular and there are over 30 water-ski schools in Greece with restaurants and child-care facilities. Speed boats are also available for rent.

Independent scuba-diving is strictly prohibited, in order to guard against the pilfering of underwater antiquities. Divers may only venture out under the backing of a recognised diving school. Snorkelling is permitted, and is possible practically anywhere.

For further information, contact the Hellenic Federation of Underwater Activities, West Terminal Post Office, Agios Cosmos, 166 04 Hellenikon, Athens tel: (210) 981 9961; fax: (210) 981 7558; website: www.sportsnet.gr


Greek waters offer excellent fishing, particularly during the summer and autumn. Boats and equipment can be found in most villages.


This is becoming more and more popular and there is scope for hill walking and climbing. There are well-maintained trails in the most popular areas, supplemented by goat and donkey tracks connecting villages and leading over mountains. The finest areas for walking include the Peloponnese, the Pindos Mountains and the south and west of Crete.


Sites of archaeological interest abound, and the visitor can often come across ancient ruins and traces of lost civilisations. It is often advisable to use a guide when visiting the more remote regions. There are over 7000 karstic cave formations in the country, the majority in Crete.

More information on these caves is available from the Hellenic Speleological Society, 32 Sina Street, 106 72 Athens (tel: (210) 361 7824; fax: (210) 364 3476; e-mail:ellspe@otenet.gr).

There are some horse riding clubs in Greece (in Attica, Crete, Corfu and Thessaloniki).