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Great Plain Area
Great Plain Area - TravelPuppy.com
This region covers more than half of Hungary and contains thousands of acres of vineyards, orchards and farmland. Kecskemét, 85km (53 miles) southeast of Budapest, is the home town of the composer Zoltán Kodály. Although an industrial town in many respects, there is still an artists’ colony and a centre for folk music located there. It also has some fine examples of peasant architecture and of crafts in the Native Artists and Katona Jozsef Museum. Outside the town the Kiskunság National Park preserves parts of the Danube Tisza Floodplain of Central Hungary in 7 disconnected areas including swamps, alkali plateaus and lakes. The famous Bugac Puszta stretches out here as well.

Szeged is the economic and cultural centre of this region, housing Hungary’s finest Greek Orthodox (Serbian) church. Baja is a small, picturesque town on the banks of both the Danube and Sugovica rivers with many small islands, old churches and an artists’ colony. To the east is the Hortobágy National Park, the ‘Hungarian Puszta’, the alkali plains which begin the Asian steppes.