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Last updated : Nov 2009
Finally in Budapest
Rating: (5.0) (18 Votes)

Vienna, Hungary,
March 28, 2004

Pros: Good Place
Cons: Remember to get your passport stamped!

Hello once again,

I've been in Budapest now for about 5 days and am enjoying it thoroughly. Right now I'm still staying at a hostel but hopefully that will change by the end of the week (when I find an apartment). This week is basically just orientation for the exchange students at school, which is kind of boring but definitely better then going to class. I've mostly just relaxed the past few days to recover from all that running around Europe; I'm in no rush to see the sights here. We went caving in a cave that used to be a Soviet bomb shelter one day and went to a Turkish bath the next. Good times. When we came to the country from Austria they did not stamp our passports, which meant we never entered the country for visa purposes. So we had to take a train to the Slovakian border and get stamped, which was a hassle. We had a beer or 2 in Slovakia and can now say we've been there too. On the way back to Budapest the guy collecting money for our train showed us the price of the ticket to Budapest as 4800 Forints (about $20). We then gave him 1000 Forints and he put it in his pocket and called it day. Worked out nicely for us, I thought it was pretty funny. Anyway have a good day/week and send me an email if you'd like-- especially if you want to send me some US sports updates.