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Last updated : Nov 2009
Bootypest is bootylicious
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Budapest, Hungary
September 20, 2004

Pros: A warm welcome
Cons: None

Budapest is such a crazy city. It’s a mix of a medieval castle with very eastern European looking buildings, and then throw in some renaissance, and then some roman influenced. And voila! You have Budapest. This city has such history. The Franks, the Habsburg, the Nazis, the communists….the list goes on. Budapest is definitely not as clean of a city like Vienna, but it looks more like a real city. It’s broken in, whereas in Vienna, everything looks SOOO pristine.

We spent the first half of the day walking around Pest and the other half touring Buda. (background: Budapest is divided into the Buda side and the Pest side, divided by the river.) Pest side has a mix of modern buildings and some communist influenced, and then you cross the Danube and you are faced with Castle Hill. There, you can fine the Royal Palace and Matthias church. I must admit that I LOVED the Castle district. It is a whole different world. You really get a feel of what the area must have been like during the medieval times. You get a gorgeous view of the city from Castle Hill too. So Roland and I spent 2-3 hours here, just playing around at Fishermen’s Bastion and around the Royal Palace. We even made shadow puppets onto the walls of the Castle! (I know, real mature). Aside from the castle, my other highlight of my trip is the Gellért Thermal Baths. So apparently, Budapest is famous for its theraupeutic, thermal water. In every picture that I have seen of Budapest, the Gellért Baths are always featured. So I HAD TO GO! So I dropped by there Monday morning for 2 hours before my flight and I highly recommend it. It is basically a spa. It has a pool, thermal baths, massages, pedicures, herbal baths. You name it and they probably have it. They also had an outdoor terrace with a pool, which was too cold for me to dive into. The indoor swimming area is lined with columns and statues on the side. They have water of varying temperatures. There are also water pouring out of the mouths of some of the statues, so that you can sit on the steps of the pool with the water pouring over your head and back. The ceiling is lined with a yellow tinted windows, so that when the sun shines through, it looks like gold. My favourite part was just floating on my back in the pool, and looking at the ceiling (which was partly open to the sky at the time) and everything around me. There’s a huge thermal baths (hot tub) in the back. It’s funny because it is mandatory to wear a cap to go in the water, but swimming topless aint a problem!

As much fun as this weekend was, I actually miss Paris and the French. So back I go to my box-sized shower room!