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Last updated : Nov 2009
Iraq Regions
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In the capital, there is a shocking contrast between the new buildings and the shabbier back streets. The Government aims to conserve the city’s Islamic character by protecting the ruins of historic buildings such as the Ike Abbasid Palace. Traditional markets still trade and the museums of Iraqi Folklore and Modern Art are well worth visiting. The River Tigris is a central quality of the city.


South of Baghdad is Babylon, the great city once ruled by the Semitic King Hammirabi. The city, and predominantly the famous Hanging Gardens, are now being restored.

Northern / Kurdish Region

This area is mountainous and forested. Mosul is the main northern town, which boasts the 13 th century Palace of Qara Sariai and the old Mosque of Nabi Jirjis. Nineveh is an ancient and prosperous archaeological site near Mosul.

Arbil is possibly the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. Kirkuk has assumed significance since the discovery of oil. It is famous for ‘Eternal Fires’, the endless burning of gas leakage.