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Last updated : Nov 2009
Nun On The Run!

Aug 07, 2003

Pros: fun visit
Cons: none

Hopefully this will be my last entry from Ireland as I’ll be flying off on Monday week to Mexico. After all the nonsense in Bootsy Brogans with Sheldon and Jon saying how good it would be to go travelling again, it feels strange to be actually going. But very exciting all the same.

The last couple of weeks have been mad busy. Playing with my nieces at home is always good fun – although it is nice to be able to pack them up and hand them back later in the day. Heading down to Croke Park and watching some “big” games – still fancy a Kerry v Armagh final. Travelling Donegal chasing nuns living in caravans (explain later!). Running around like a headless chicken kicking a football again for the first time in years. And of course the obligatory drinking sessions in Ballymena, Newry, Belfast and Derry.

My first weekend back home turned out to be fairly eventful and involves the police, priests and pretty much all the Carr’s and Hegarty’s from Donegal. Myself and Linda (yes girls you guessed right - Miss Healy!!!) hired a car and headed off west. Using this as a trial run before the big trip to see whether or not we would kill each other!! Our first stop off was to see the Carr family in Carrick. (Just passed Killybegs for anyone else wanting to pop in – they do a great spread for lunch). Very embarrassing for young Christina as she is a student of both Mr Quinn and Miss Healy. Nevertheless she stuck in there, and we had a lovely day with them.

The weather was typically of Donegal and west of Ireland in summer – misty and wet!!

Next it was on to the nun in a caravan. For the SHHS girls you will remember our ex-school Chaplin, Sister Margaret. Well we wanted to track her down and pay her a surprise visit. Anyhow, between Linda and myself we worked out that she was in the north of Donegal, in a caravan, and facing water!! Not much good when there is 130 miles of coastline to work through!!!

Anyhow the Carr’s pulled out all the stops here. For those who have read “Around Ireland with a Fridge” by Tony Hawks it is all pretty similar. The internet was hastily set up, Mrs Carr called on the Garda, priests and convents of nuns, descriptions of age, shape and height passed on. Codename: Nun on the Run!

Surely we would find her with a police search party on the look out, checking for any previous history (thankfully there was none to find). After a couple of hours and no good news, we gave up and headed for Buncrana for the evening.

Having all but given up, 15 minutes outside Buncrana we get a text: “Loretta House, Buncrana”. Got her!! The only issue now was whether or not she would actually be there, that’s the problem with surprises I suppose. This useful Intel however did not come from the Carr’s, the Garda, the priests or any nuns, but from London!! Thanks Ann – you managed to beat them all.

If all our trips go this good I’m sure the next few months will be fantastic!!

The drinking sessions around the towns of the wee north I’m sure need no explanation, and thankfully there are no photos.

One final party next week – all the family together for the first time in years which should be excellent.
You’ll all invited if you happen to be in Ballymena. Top bands performing, headline act are Red Sirus!

Tyrone and Armagh got lucky, but its always a great day out down in Croke. The atmosphere is just like in Ruislip on a Sunday when the Gaels are playing. I still think Kerry will win it though.

Alright, that is enough ramblings for now, the next entry hopefully will be from South America!!

Hope you are all enjoying the summer sunshine, and I’ll hear from you soon.