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Last updated : Nov 2009
Israel Getting Around - Internal Travel
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A comprehensive service linking Tel Aviv with Eilat and all main cities is run by Arkia / Israel Inland Airways (IZ) and by Israir (6H).


The traffic in israel drives on the right. A brilliant system of roads connects all towns, however, driving is erratic and there are regular accidents. Radar speed traps operate and charges for speeding are high.

Distances from Jerusalem to other cities by road are as follows:/td>
    Tel Aviv is 62 kilometres (which is 39 miles)
  ITiberias is 157 kilometres (which is 97 miles)
  Eilat is 312 kilometres (which is 194 miles)
  Netanya is 93 kilometres (which is 58 miles)
  Dead Sea is 104 kilometres (which is 65 miles)
  Zefat is 192 kilometres (which is 120 miles)
  Haifa is 159 kilometres (which is 99 miles)

There are 2 national bus systems which are run by the DAN and EGGED cooperatives, provide extensive services. The service is quick and efficient as well as cheap. With a few exclusions, services are suspended on religious holidays, and between sunset on Friday and sunset on Saturday (Shabbat).


Taxi services are either run by companies or by individuals. There are both shared taxis (otherwise known as sheruts) and ordinary taxis. Taxi drivers are required by law to operate a meter and are suggested for short journeys only.

Car hire

Car hire is available in major cities. Hire fees are generally expensive.


A full driving licence and insurance are necessary. An International Driving Permit is advised.


the west side to Ein Gev kibbutz on the eastern shore. Coastal ferries serve all of the ports. For details please contact local port authorities.


Israel Railways provides regular services between Tel Aviv and Herzliya, Netanya, Haifa, Hadera, Akko (Acre) and Nahariya, as well as a daily train between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, which follows a predominantly scenic route. Reserved seats may be ordered in advance. There is no railway service on Shabbat (Saturday) and major holidays.


DAN and EGGED provide great local bus services in the main towns. Taxis are available.
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