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Jerusalem, Israel
March 19, 2003


Dear all, it has been quite a while. Since we last spoke I returned to the US for three weeks and now back in Jerusalem. Due to the timely nature of this posting, with Mr. Bush and his strategery, I would like to share that Rachel and I new it all along and planned over a week ago a trip to Eilat, in the southern most tip of Israel. We are looking to be on the beach as the stress in the bigger cities builds.

Now that the reality check is done, more to fun stuff. Since my return I have had some great get aways from Jerusalem. When I first returned Rachel and I went up to a vegetarian Moshav (community/socialist based village type thing) and enjoyed great restaurants and amazing winter scenery, quite different from what most of us are used to as winter. The Moshav is in the northern Galil and is called Amirim. We are returning there in a few weeks both with Rachel’s parents and with my father, very excited. The winter in the Galil is a sight, the flowers are blooming and the vegetation is glowing green, especially with all the welcomed rain we have seen this year in Israel…

A few weeks later Rachel and I joined many of my classmates and the Israeli Rabbinic program for a Shabbat get-away in Ein Gedi, a spring fed resort near the dead sea…stayed there with my dad…beautiful…An amazing weekend of relaxation, not strings attached just hanging out with good people…and a spa!!!

Which brings us to the snow, wow, what a sight. Almost 8 inches in Jerusalem, not to mention two days off school WHOOPIE!!!! But then the apt. had major problems, IT LEAKS, like a sieve. Water in the walls, in the electricity, we had to vacate for a week. Worked out pretty well though as a teacher of mine was leaving the country and needed a dog sitter…I got an apartment all to my lonesome, with some company – Rachel and when she was at the university I had a beautiful golden retriever to play with, not the most educated but fun, let’s just say he is like the kid in class whose nose is always running and his shirt is half untucked, but a big galoot, that’s for sure.

The snow was amazing, snowball fights all over the place..the old city was truly amazing all covered in white, not to mention the entire city was closed for two days…nothing was open unless the restaurant/shop owner lived in the same building…an awesome experience….

Then two Saturdays spent out of Jerusalem and getting to know the area….something I did not do any of last semester – thanks Rachel. We went to an Israeli-Arab twon just outside of Jerusalem, known for the best Hummus in Israel – WOW!!, not quite as good as my favorite place in Jerusalem, but the bakery afterwards made it worth a trip every week if I had a car…the next Shabbat, Saturday afternoon we went to an old agricultural area outside of Jerusalem near the twon of Ein Cerem called Sattaf, I was still dog sitting and we took the dog along with a coupld of friends and another golden retriever and hiked from the terraced hillsides with up to the twon of Ein Cerem, it was covered with beautiful apring flowers and blossoming Almond Trees,

Last night was Purim, the Jewish celebration of the surviving our almost certain demise in under the Persian king Achasverosh, it is a holiday of celebration (eating and drinking), hearing the story read and send gift baskets to friends and the needy…Rachel and I were lucky enough to get tickets to ‘THE PURIM PARTY’, every year the art school –Bezalel- has the biggest Purim bash, this year the held it at the Israel Museum, three rooms with crazy music and dancing…the costumes were next to none, remember art students, it was a blast that lasted into the night…now off to Eilat, enjoy the pics and all my love,

Love From Jerusalem,