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Last updated : Nov 2009
From the Mafia to Malta
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Sliema, Malta
May 4th, 2005

Pros : Makes me feel like I'm in Notting Hill
Cons : None

Alright, alright, alright...(it's Sarah)

So, when we last left you, we were on our way to Sicily.

Ahh Sicily, land of the Mafia, vulcanos, and these unbelievable pastries called cannolis...mmmmm...We had a great time there, we spent a day in a town called Catania, which is on the east coast. Very cool town, pretty busy, some neat old buildings, an amazing fish market (it's not everyday you can buy a full shark for dinner!)..it was fun. The next day we went to Siracusa. We saw some really neat Roman ruins there, a huge amphitheater and some neat grottos. A neat old city.

Next we headed up north and caught a ferry to the island of Lipari, which is part of the Aeolien islands, off the north coast of Sicily. We had such an amazing time here! First of all, we thought we'd booked a room in a cheap hotel, but turns out we got our own apartment! what a great break from hostel life.. Our apartment was a 10 minute walk from the town of Canello, which was right on the beach. We spent 3 great days checking out different beach and towns around the island. We went to one amazing beach called 'Spaggia Vale Muria'...it was a long hike down to the bottom of a valley - but it was worth it. So beautiful!- and and almost totally empty...until a huge group of german high schoolers hiked down 10 min later and set up camp right beside us. so much for peace and quiet! haha...We were sad to leave Lipari (we were practically locals by the end..the island is pretty small) but on Monday we caught a ferry back to Sicily, then a train all the way down south, then another ferry..(it was a long day!)..but we managed to arrive safe and sound in Malta!

I haven't quite wrapped my head around Malta yet. It is very clearly a former british colony: they drive on the left, the row housing makes me feel like I'm in Notting Hill half the time, all the streets are named 'Windsor' or 'Norfolk'...but it's also not British at all...first of all, if you drive 2 min out of town, you are in this amazing rocky desert, then suddenly you'll find yourself on a beautiful beach!...and while there's a lot of english, there's also a lot written in Maltese...

Anyways, so far we've loved out time here..and we're staying til Monday! The weather has been wicked too...It's at least 30 degrees out today, our tans are coming along nicely..

Hope everyone is well!..on Monday we head back to Sicily where Devon will have exactly 37 hours to eat as much gelato as she can before we leave Italy for good and head to Alicante, Spain. (to visit Roz..yeah!) Should be good!
talk to you soon!