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Last updated : Nov 2009
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Valetta, Malta,
May 16th, 2005

Pros: Exotic ancient buildings all around
Cons: None

Whoops: Forgot to mention the thousands of rose plants adorning the city of Corfu. Every home had plants or pots around the yard with flowers, lovely against the dry sandy landscape.

Today we slept in, awoke to the news we were approaching the city of Valleta, Malta.

So exotic, limestone forts on each side of the entrance to the harbor protected the City from invasion. I should say HARBOR, 10 drydocks for ship repair, four cruise ships at dock around a Harbor 2-3 miles wide. Construction everywhere. Exotic ancient buildings all around. So, after 9 laps around the boat, we proceed to visit the city on foot.

Hey, where did all this traffic come from? Buses, trucks, cars....crowds of pedestrians.

Only one solution: lunch. Upstairs, looking down a treelined street we had pasta and local wine. Delicious. Then we tried to visit the cathedral, lines galore. Shopping, not interested, so back to the boat. Sat on our balcony and read while I worked on tanning my.....

As we left the dock, once more we were captured by the romance of the city and its exciting history. This important port and its brave soldiers saved Europe from many enemies. We relaxed and watched the sun set over the Malta Islands.

Another dinner, more drinks. Tomorrow, Palermo and a tour called: Off the beaten path