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Coast Netherlands
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There are 280km (175 miles) of beaches and over fifty resorts in The Netherlands, almost all of which are easily accessible from Rotterdam, Amsterdam and The Hague. Large areas have been specially allocated for naturists and the beaches themselves are broad, sandy and gently sloping. There is surf along the coast, and those who wish to swim must be strong enough to withstand the hidden currents. Swimmers should obtain and follow local advice. In the high season, lifeguards are on duty along the more dangerous stretches of the coast.


The province of Zeeland has several medieval harbour towns where some of the best seafood in Europe can be found. Most of the province lies below the sea level and has been reclaimed from the sea. The region also includes several islands and peninsulas in the southwest Netherlands, Walcheren, Goeree-Overflakkee, Schouwen-Duiveland, Tholen, St Filipsland and North and South Beveland.

The province has become renowned for a massive engineering project of flood barriers designed to protect the mainland and the results of reclamation from the devastating floods that periodically sweep along the coastline. The countryside is heavily farmed.

The capital of the province is Middelburg, a town that has been important since medieval times. The Town Hall is widely regarded as being one of the most attractive non-religious Gothic buildings in Europe.

The small town of Veere, 8km (5 miles) to the north, retains many buildings from its golden age in the early 16th century. The North Sea port of Flushing (Vlissingen) is, for many British travellers arriving by boat, their first sight of The Netherlands. It is also the country’s first town in another sense, in 1572 it became the first place to fly the free Dutch flag during the War of Independence.