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Far South Netherlands
Far South Netherlands - Travelpuppy.com
North Brabant

This province consists mainly of a plain, rarely more than 30m (100ft) above sea level, and is mainly agricultural. The region is known for its carnival days in February and the Jazz in Duketown jazz festival.

The capital of the province is the city of ’s-Hertogenbosch (non-Dutch speaking visitors will welcome the use of ‘Den Bosch’ as a widely accepted abbreviation) situated at the centre of a region of flat pasture land which floods each winter. St Jan’s Cathedral is the largest in the Netherlands, the provincial museum is also very interesting.

Other major cities in this large and comparatively densely populated province include Eindhoven, an industrial centre which has grown during the last 100 years, Breda, an old city with many medieval buildings and it was here that the declaration was signed in 1566 which marked the start of the Dutch War of Independence, and Tilburg, an industrial centre which also has a large amusement and recreation park, to the north of the city, whose attractions include a haunted castle.

In Kaatsheuvel is the De Efteling Recreation and Adventure Park, with approximately 50 attractions, including a large fairytale wood and a big dipper. Overloon is home to the Dutch National War & Recreation Museum, which includes displays of heavy armament in a park setting and other exhibits devoted to the history of World War II.

In Hilvarenbeek is the De Beekse Bergen Safari Park. Safari buses are available.


The province of Limburg, the most southerly in the country, is bordered by both Germany and Belgium. The rolling hills covered with footpaths make this a great place for walking holidays. It is also famous for its cuisine. In the extreme south of the province is the city of Maastricht, and its position at the crossroads of three countries makes it ideal for excursions to such nearby cities as Aachen just over the border in Germany. Maastricht itself is one of the oldest towns in the country, and its Church of St Servatius is the oldest in The Netherlands. The church treasury is very interesting. Further north is the town of Roermond, an important cultural and artistic centre dominated by the superb Munsterkerk.