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Amsterdam and Paris
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Amsterdam and Paris
July 12, 2004

Pros: a cool city to visit
Cons: none

Hey everyone, Matt and Amanda checking in again!

Unfortunately, we didn't have a chance to post anything while we were in Amsterdam... definitely a cool city to visit. The people are laid back, no worries, and it made for a fun time. We saw clogs and cheese being made, cruised the canals, and got to see a ton of the city. Probably the greatest things we did were a bike ride in a small Dutch town outside of Amsterdam, and DEFINITELY a visit to Anne Frank's house. We actually went into the rooms that the family hid in during the war.

Our tour also started in Amsterdam... lots of cool people with us, and just about all of them are Aussies for some reason. Sometimes it's annoying to follow a fixed schedule - it's definitely WAY different from when we were exploring London and Edinburgh on our own. But there are pros and cons to both tours and going it alone.

We came to Paris yesterday, and the first thing we did was go up to Eiffel Tower last night. Totally amazing (despite Matt's fear of heights - yes I admit it), and when the Tower sparkled with white lights on every hour, it was really incredible.

Today we went to the Louvre, the Notre Dame Cathedral, and just generally got to see what life in Paris is like. We're going to explore the city a little more tonight, and then we go to Switzerland tomorrow before coming back to France (this time in the south).

We'll post a few pictures from Edinburgh, Ansterdam, and Paris... we wish we could post them all but it takes forever just to upload five!

Hope everyone is doing well, we miss everybody, and thanks for visiting our site!