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Last updated : Nov 2009
Amsterdam to Athens!
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Amsterdam, Netherlands
July 04, 2004

Pros: Anything goes
Cons: None


Amsterdam is a CRAZY city! Me and the boys were on a real high in this city... it had a crazy vibe. Admittantly we only saw the red light ditrict of Amsterdam, but that is what it's famous for. It was full on, with everything in your face basically. Whatever that is illegal in most other countries you could get freely here.

Well, to start our cultural tour in Amsterdam we were taken to a live sex show (the funny thing about this was that the married couples on tour were first to sign up for this!!). It was an average show with "nothing out of the ordinary"! We then spent some time in a local cafe called Grasshoppers... the thing that grasshoppers do differently from other places is that they also sell joints! I had a puff or three but i can honestly say this is not my thing, hehehe... Next we went for a walk through the red light district. This was comprised of narrow streets with buildings containing large windows either side. On top of each window was a red light. In the window were girls (of all sorts mind you), parading themselves. You are prohibited to use any sort of camera here... one of the ladies on our tour found this out when her camera was almost confisgated when she decided to take a pic for her husband back in the US!!! I think the going rate was 50 euro.

Now that the tour is over, I find myself in Athens... probably the dirtiest city in europe. It actually reminds me of Bali... the buildings are in bad condition, the roads are cracked, the footpaths look like they were bombed and it is really smelly. Apart from that it's a nice place!! Seriously, the food here is probably the best ive had in Europe and ive found the people to be friendly and helpful. I am doing really well in speaking the language and i am picking up a lot of words i didnt previously know... i really like that. People are telling me my greek isnt too bad.

Today we went to the beach but it wasnt that great... the water was a little dirty (and there were no topless women!!!). Also the greek women are hot!!!

We are going out for more great food tonight (mezedakia), probably in a suburb called Monastiraki (which is overlooked by the Acropolis) which is nice.

Let me know how things are going for you back home.