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Last updated : Nov 2009
Auckland City Statistics
Auckland City Overview - TravelPuppy.com
Location Auckland Region, North Island, New Zealand
Country dialling code 64 (The Auckland dialing code is 09)
Population 1.25 million people (greater Auckland region)
Ethnic mix 73% European descent, 12% Maori descent,
6% other Pacific Islanders (including Samoa,
Tonga and Cook Islands), 5% Asian, 4% other.
Religion Mainly Christian, with minor representations
of other major religions including Buddhists,
Muslims, Hindus and Jews, though the minority
with biggest power, politically and spiritually,
are Maori, New Zealand's 1st immigrants.
Time zone GMT + 12
Electricity 240 - 250 volts AC, 50Hz, flat 3 pin plugs are
Average January temp 24 ºC (75 ºF)
Average July temp 14 ºC (57 ºF)
Annual rainfall 1185 milimetres (46.2 inches)